sábado, 22 de maio de 2010

There is always a possibility. Keep it!

“I have definitely stopped. I have been avoinding glances and particular talks. Avoiding my own perverted thoughts. Hope you don't mind. We need someone to love, don't we?

I just wanted to thank you. And I'd like you to know that I know things could change if there is something more confortable to feel - for you and for me. I know! I'm a bit self-seeking and I belive all kinds of relationships are - especially love.

I wish, I do wish we could keep it. If it's not all fantasy of mine, if it really exists, I wish and I hope we can keep it. Keep as something simple and small. Something that would make me think of you and feel it as if you were mine or, at least, as if you were with me. Forever. Ever.

I need (maybe I just want) something to help my imagination because it tells me there is always a possibility.”